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Templates Troubleshoot

Why template has name# error in my excel sheet?

The name#error mean that your excel version is lower than the spec required. It mean that the Function is not applicable for version 2019 and below. the function is applicable for Newest version of Microsoft office 2021 and above.

I have problem with my templates and the solution given i have try it all, can u please kindly help us?

We're Sorry to hear the difficulties you face, You can book Our TeamViewer Remote Session by Chat us in Shopee, email or contact us here. Once confirm, we will help remotely solve the issues for you. There is no charges for the technical support provided however if you request other such add on specifically other than technical support we will charge you rate per hour use for Developer support.

Why my sequence number in item show #name error?

The sequence function only available for Microsoft office excel version 2021 and above, below than that Microsoft office excel hasn't yet made it available so therefore for numbering you need to key manually by deleting use the Clear formats to clear all first before typing any wording.

I have problem with the entries of the account treatment, can i consult with you?

Yes, you can consult with us. We will charges for the consultation, Please note that We're Professional Chartered Accountant recognize by MIA.

Why Macro cannot be Run because the VBA Support library is not installed, btw I'm using WPS currently?

Currently the Macro is only applicable for user Enterprise license only for the other user Free, Personal and etc aren't yet but u can download the third party library for use of Macro -Download

I have certain template in mind and with some of the data on my own, can you help me to design my own system in Excel?

Yes, you can chat us for the Quotation for the System template. The system template normal charge from RM100 and above.